hand made gelato the natural traditional way instore starting with fresh milk, cream and all natural flavours and definitely no preservatives or artificial colours or flavourings

24 traditional and unique flavours everyday

we have gluten, dairy and egg free flavours

gelato cakes too!




our flavours

Amaretto (gelato contains nuts) Baileys Caramel (gelato contains alcohol) Banana (gelato) Banoffee Pie (gelato) Black Sesame Seed (gelato) Biscotto (gelato) Cinnamon Pumpkin (gelato) Coffee (gelato) Coconut (gelato) Cookies and Cream (gelato) Creme Caramel (gelato) Dark Chocolate (sorbet dairy free) Chocolate Caramel (gelato) Durian (gelato) Forest Berries (sorbet dairy free) Garlic (gelato) Hazelnut (gelato contains nuts) Honey Comb (gelato) Honey & Almond Nougat (gelato contains nuts) Lavender (gelato) Lemon Creme (gelato) Lemon Cheesecake (gelato) Longan (sorbet dairy free) Lychee (sorbet dairy free) Mango (sorbet dairy free) Mascarpone (gelato) Matcha Organic Japanese Green Tea (gelato) Mediterranean Lemon (sorbet dairy free) Mojito (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) LICK Rocher (gelato contains nuts) Mince Pie (gelato) Mint Choc Chip (gelato) Mojito (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Panna Cotta (gelato) Passion Fruit (sorbet dairy free) Peanut Butter Chocolate (gelato contains nuts) Pear (sorbet dairy free) Pina Colada (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Pistachio (gelato contains nuts) Red Bean (gelato) Rum and Raisin (gelato contains alcohol) Royal Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (gelato) Salty Caramel (gelato) Sicilian Mandarin (sorbet dairy free) Stracciatella (gelato) Strawberry Champagne (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Strawberry Cheesecake (gelato) Strawberry Yogurt (yogurt) Taro(gelato) Tiramisu (gelato contains alcohol) Variegato Nutella (gelato contains nuts) Watermelon (sorbet dairy free) White Chocolate (gelato) White Chocolate Truffle (gelato contains nuts) Zuppa Inglese (gelato contains alcohol) Wild Cherry (sorbet dairy free) Wild Strawberry (gelato)