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Where To Satisfy Your Gelato Craving In London

‘Gelato’ may simply translate as ‘ice cream’ in Italian, but it’s a much more complex matter than that. The Italians are passionate about the frozen treat, and with a heritage dating back centuries — Sicilians used to bring ice from the mountains and mix it with fruits for a delicious indulgence — it’s no surprise why.

Methods have become more sophisticated since then, and gelato is now characterised by three key qualities that set it apart from standard ice cream. Gelato is (by Italian law, no less) lower in fat than its simpler cousin; it omits the extra air whipped into ice cream, so is denser, smoother and richer; plus it tends to be served a degree or two warmer — the resulting dessert has a more immediate yet satisfying melt and, therefore, flavour.

The good news is you don’t have to get on a plane to taste the stuff for yourself. Whether it’s wacky flavours you’re after, dairy free, vegan or simply some true Italian style indulgence, London has a gelateria for you. Here are our favourites:


Greek Street’s Lick makes all its gelato, sorbetto and even yogurt daily from natural ingredients and so far has 150 flavours under its belt. Each day, staff select 24 which could be Lick Rocher (they are really spoiling us with this one), salted caramel which continues to grow in popularity, or even the exotic Durian gelato — a pungent, custard-like fruit from Malaysia. We’re firm fans of this Soho parlour and can frequently be found enjoying a gelato coke float to cool down over the summer months. This year there’s even two alcoholic gelato flavours — Mojito and strawberry champagne — so we’ll be bothering them even more. Cin Cin.


June 7, 2016


It couldn’t have come at a better time! The sun is out, we’ve managed to dig our sandals out from the back of the wardrobe and now we’re in the mood for ice cream! Today celebrates the ultimate in iced desserts, you just can’t go wrong with chocolate ice cream, especially when it’s creamy, rich and indulgent. We’ve found our top three chocolate ice creams in London to tick all of the boxes, thank us later!

White Chocolate Truffle – Lick

This intimate Soho ice cream parlour is absolutely crammed full of mouth watering gelato and sorbet flavours. With all natural ingredients and big tastes, Lick are bound to be serving up your favourite. The choices include Black Sesame Seed, Lemon Creme, Strawberry Champagne Sorbet and our star of the show the White Chocolate Truffle gelato. If you’re going to indulge in style then make this your choice.



our flavours

Amaretto (gelato contains nuts) Baileys Caramel (gelato contains alcohol) Banana (gelato) Banoffee Pie (gelato) Black Sesame Seed (gelato) Biscotto (gelato) Cinnamon Pumpkin (gelato) Coffee (gelato) Coconut (gelato) Cookies and Cream (gelato) Creme Caramel (gelato) Dark Chocolate (sorbet dairy free) Chocolate Caramel (gelato) Durian (gelato) Forest Berries (sorbet dairy free) Garlic (gelato) Hazelnut (gelato contains nuts) Honey Comb (gelato) Honey & Almond Nougat (gelato contains nuts) Lavender (gelato) Lemon Creme (gelato) Lemon Cheesecake (gelato) Longan (sorbet dairy free) Lychee (sorbet dairy free) Mango (sorbet dairy free) Mascarpone (gelato) Matcha Organic Japanese Green Tea (gelato) Mediterranean Lemon (sorbet dairy free) Mojito (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) LICK Rocher (gelato contains nuts) Mince Pie (gelato) Mint Choc Chip (gelato) Mojito (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Panna Cotta (gelato) Passion Fruit (sorbet dairy free) Peanut Butter Chocolate (gelato contains nuts) Pear (sorbet dairy free) Pina Colada (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Pistachio (gelato contains nuts) Red Bean (gelato) Rum and Raisin (gelato contains alcohol) Royal Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (gelato) Salty Caramel (gelato) Sicilian Mandarin (sorbet dairy free) Stracciatella (gelato) Strawberry Champagne (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Strawberry Cheesecake (gelato) Strawberry Yogurt (yogurt) Taro(gelato) Tiramisu (gelato contains alcohol) Variegato Nutella (gelato contains nuts) Watermelon (sorbet dairy free) White Chocolate (gelato) White Chocolate Truffle (gelato contains nuts) Zuppa Inglese (gelato contains alcohol) Wild Cherry (sorbet dairy free) Wild Strawberry (gelato)