We are a gelateria based in London’s West End and have been passionately creating mouth watering artisan Italian ice cream since 2010.

We create luxurious premium Gelato, Sorbets and Yogurts which are produced daily on our premises in Greek Street Soho London.

We retail from our premises in Greek Street and supply to restaurants, events, parties, cafes, canteens and hotels in London.

We have been constantly voted Top 5 and Top 10 ice cream parlour in London since we opened.

Conde Nest Traveller Top 10 2015


The Handbook Top 5 2015


The Londonist Top 10 2015


Top Three Chocolate Ice Creams in London 2016


We have a flexible and creative approach to gelato making and have created over 180 flavours. We currently supply restaurants unique flavours created just for their customers.

Now is the perfect time to consider adding ice cream to your menu or as a scoop on a dessert. If you think this could be of interest to your company, we would be happy to offer you some free samples to try and discuss this in more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

our flavours

Amaretto (gelato contains nuts) Baileys Caramel (gelato contains alcohol) Banana (gelato) Banoffee Pie (gelato) Black Sesame Seed (gelato) Biscotto (gelato) Cinnamon Pumpkin (gelato) Coffee (gelato) Coconut (gelato) Cookies and Cream (gelato) Creme Caramel (gelato) Dark Chocolate (sorbet dairy free) Chocolate Caramel (gelato) Durian (gelato) Forest Berries (sorbet dairy free) Garlic (gelato) Hazelnut (gelato contains nuts) Honey Comb (gelato) Honey & Almond Nougat (gelato contains nuts) Lavender (gelato) Lemon Creme (gelato) Lemon Cheesecake (gelato) Longan (sorbet dairy free) Lychee (sorbet dairy free) Mango (sorbet dairy free) Mascarpone (gelato) Matcha Organic Japanese Green Tea (gelato) Mediterranean Lemon (sorbet dairy free) Mojito (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) LICK Rocher (gelato contains nuts) Mince Pie (gelato) Mint Choc Chip (gelato) Mojito (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Panna Cotta (gelato) Passion Fruit (sorbet dairy free) Peanut Butter Chocolate (gelato contains nuts) Pear (sorbet dairy free) Pina Colada (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Pistachio (gelato contains nuts) Red Bean (gelato) Rum and Raisin (gelato contains alcohol) Royal Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (gelato) Salty Caramel (gelato) Sicilian Mandarin (sorbet dairy free) Stracciatella (gelato) Strawberry Champagne (sorbet dairy free contains alcohol) Strawberry Cheesecake (gelato) Strawberry Yogurt (yogurt) Taro(gelato) Tiramisu (gelato contains alcohol) Variegato Nutella (gelato contains nuts) Watermelon (sorbet dairy free) White Chocolate (gelato) White Chocolate Truffle (gelato contains nuts) Zuppa Inglese (gelato contains alcohol) Wild Cherry (sorbet dairy free) Wild Strawberry (gelato)